Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website - Oki do Yoga and Meiso Shiatsu

In our site you can find information on study and activities undertaken in the province of Pesaro / Urbino and vicinity. You can deepen what we do and especially what it means for you, as a choice, take a course to improve your condition and quality of life.  Next to the activities in Italy, we offer worksnops in Holland (at the Oki do Yoga centre in Amsterdam or the Oki do Yoga dojo in Laren (gld))

To read more about the origin of our study and practice, we invite you to "click" on the image beside within this window to enter the site of the "Open University Oki do Mikkyo Yoga", the original site and source of study and research and location for the training of trainers / instructors in various fields of study Oki do, under the guidance of master Yuji Yahiro and collaboration of staff.

You will also find where in Italy and abroad there are recognized centers and places as well the registers of 
recognized operators and instructors / teachers.

Our website will allow you to know us better and to enter at any time in contact with us for more information.

Oki do yoga is a summary of the teachings that our ancestors have left us with regard to the application of natural principles in a scientific, philosophical and religious way, to find a harmonious condition in ourselves and to live in harmony in daily life and our environment.
Thus, through the conscious exercise, we re-educate and show our true nature and heart through our talents and abilities, as the highest expression and enhancement of the life force, "KI".

Meiso Shiatsu represents the evolution of
holistic research  of master Yuji Yahiro expressed in personal training, as its incorporation, and application of natural pressure. Natural pressure is manifested through the quality and use of our breath, our body and our attitude.
This constitutes a significant tool for those who practice shiatsu or other profession as healing method and those who improve their condition and trying to help others, make the study of harmony of body and mind-heart an art education for human being.

Oki do naturopathy education is to achieve a sensitivity of Satori developing correct and true meaning of being human. Satori is one of the meanings of 'enlightenment', but more properly is the search for what is right for oneselves at all times in harmony with others.

The study and practice of Oki do Yoga and Meiso Shiatsu becomes an opportunity to improve the quality of life and a possability of offering professionally in society.


workshops - Oki do Yoga and Meiso Shiatsu

in NETHERLANDS (Amsterdam) from Friday, March 7, till Sunday, March 9: "Meiso Shiatsu workshop on fundamentals of natural pressure applied on the meridians, connecting bands, vital points and harmonisation points " The workshop will be hold in Amsterdam, hosted by John Hulshof. You can book up to 25 February. For more info. Hulshof John 338 3881971 or go to the website: www.meisoshiatsu.com and contact Mieke van Eijndhoven, coordinator of the Dutch School for Meiso Shiatsu.

A workshop or treatments in your town or country

A workshop or treatments in your town or country - Oki do Yoga and Meiso Shiatsu

John Hulshof has experience in different countries in Europe and other parts of the world offering his experience as well in giving treatments as giving workshops. Most of the time he is invited to do a one-day workshop and after a day of treatments. The workshop can be Ok do Yoga or Meiso Shiatsu, or a combination of both of them. You can write to him directly (kiasd@email.it) and together you will establish what you want, under which conditions and how to organize. Thank you!

events and trips

events and trips - Oki do Yoga and Meiso Shiatsu

Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 october we are at the "Biosalus" a national Festival of biologic and holistic wellbeing. We will offer treatments and you can require whatever information from us about our study and practice. See you there!